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General Description
The uS5004 is a digital thermometer to monitor both remote and local temperature, it accurately measures its own temperature and the remote temperature that mounted 2N3904 diode-connected transistor that can replace conventional thermistors and thermocouples.
The standard 2-wire interface System Management Bus (SMBus) accepts Write byte, Read byte, Send byte, and Receive byte command to communicate with uS5004. The device data format of remote temperature measurement is 11bits, with each bit of the extended 3bits corresponding 0.125°C.

□ Remote and Local Temperature Measurements
□ Do Not Need to Calibrate
□ SMBus Interface
□ Accuracy : Remote +1OC, Local +3OC
□ Supply Voltage Range from 3.3V +10%
□ RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
□ WDFN2x2 - 8L and MSOP - 8L Packages

□ System Thermal Management
   (Desktop, Laptops, Workstations, Servers)
□ Test and Measurement
□ Industrial Controller


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