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The SAB9077H is a picture-in-picture controller for multi-standard TV-sets. The circuit contains ADCs, reduction circuitry, memory control, display control and DACs.

• 50/60 Hz PIP modes possible
• Twin PIP in interlaced mode at 8-bit resolution
• Sub-title mode features built in
• Large display fine positioning area, both channels independent
• Only 2 Mbit needed as external VDRAM (2 × 1 Mbit or 1 × 2 Mbit)
• Four 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs; > 7-bit performance) with clamp circuit
• Most PIP modes handle interlaced pictures without joint line error
• Two PLLs which generate the line-locked clocks for the acquisition channels
• Display PLL to generate line-locked clock for the display
• Three 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)
• 4 : 1 : 1 data format
• Data reduction factors 1 to 1, 1 to 2, 1 to 3 and 1 to 4, horizontal and vertical independent.

I2C-bus programmable
• Single and double PIP modes can be set
• Full field still mode available
• Several aspect ratios can be handled
• Reduction factors can be set freely
• Selection of vertical filtering type
• Freeze of live pictures
• Fine tuned display position, H (8-bit), V (8-bit), both channels independent
• Fine tuned acquisition area, H (4-bit), V (8-bit), both channels independent
• Eight main borders, sub-borders and background colours available
• Border and background brightness adjustable, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% IRE
• Several type of decoder input signals can be set.


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