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8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller

The C515A is an upward compatible version of the SAB 80C515A/83C515A-5 8-bit microcontroller which additionally provides an improved 10-bit A/D converter, ALE switch-off capability, on-chip emulation support, ROM protection, and enhanced power saving mode capabilities. With a maximum external clock rate of 24 MHz it achieves a 500 ns instruction cycle time (1 µs at 12 MHz). The C515A is mounted in a P-MQFP-80 package.

Advance Information
• Full upward compatibility with SAB 80C515A/83C515A-5
• Up to 24 MHz external operating frequency
   – 500 ns instruction cycle at 24 MHz operation
• 32K byte on-chip ROM (with optional ROM protection)
   – alternatively up to 64K byte external program memory
• Up to 64K byte external data memory
• 256 byte on-chip RAM
• 1K byte on-chip RAM (XRAM)
• Six 8-bit parallel I/O ports
• One input port for analog/digital input
• Full duplex serial interface (USART)
   – 4 operating modes, fixed or variable baud rates
• Three 16-bit timer/counters
   – Timer 0 / 1 (C501 compatible)
   – Timer 2 for 16-bit reload, compare, or capture functions
• 10-bit A/D converter
   – 8 multiplexed analog inputs
   – Built-in self calibration
• 16-bit watchdog timer
• Power saving modes
   – Slow down mode
   – Idle mode (can be combined with slow down mode)
   – Software power down mode with wake-up capability through INT0 pin
   – Hardware power down mode
• 12 interrupt sources (7 external, 5 internal) selectable at 4 priority levels
• ALE switch-off capability
• On-chip emulation support logic (Enhanced Hooks Technology TM)
• P-MQFP-80-1 package
• Temperature Ranges: SAB-C515A TA = 0 to 70 °C
                                      SAF-C515A TA = – 40 to 85 °C
                                      SAH-C515A TA = – 40 to 85 °C
                                      SAK-C515 TA = – 40 to 110 °C (max. operating frequency: 18 MHz)


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