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The S-816 Series, developed using the CMOS technology, is an external transistor type positive voltage regulator which incorporates an overcurrent protection circuit and an ON/OFF circuit. A low drop-out type regulator with an output current ranging from several hundreds of mA to 1 A can be configured with the PNP transistor driven by this IC.
Despite the features of the S-816 Series, which is low current consumption, the improvement in its transient response characteristics of the IC with a newly deviced phase compensation circuit made it possible to employ the products of the S-816 Series even in applications where heavy input variation or load variation is experienced.
The S-816 Series regulator serves as an ideal power supply unit for portable devices when coupled with the small SOT-23-5 package, providing numerous outstanding features, including low current consumption. Since the S-816 Series can accommodate an input voltage of up to 16 V, it is also suitable when operating via an AC adapter.

● Output voltage: 2.5 V to 6.0 V, selectable in 0.1 V step
● Input voltage: 16 V max.
● Output voltage accuracy:  2.0%
● Current consumption: During operation: 30 A typ., 40 A max.
                                       During power-off: 1 A max.
● Built-in overcurrent (base current) protection circuit
● Built-in ON/OFF circuit: Ensures long battery life.
● Built-in current source (10 A): No need for a base-emitter resistance.
● Operation temperature range: Ta =40C to 85C
● Lead-free, Sn 100%, halogen-free*1
*1. Refer to “ Product Name Structure” for details.

● Power supply for on-board such as battery device for portable telephone, electronic notebook, PDA
● Constant voltage power supply for camera, video equipment and portable communication equipment
● Power supply for CPU
● Post-regulator for switching regulator
● Main regulator in multiple-power supply system


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