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Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors

These Breakthrough In Small-Signal (BISS) transistors offer best-in-class efficiency, therefore getting the heat out of your applications. These cost-effective alternatives to medium-power transistors deliver 1 – 5 A capability in SOT223 (SC-73), SOT89 (SC-62), SOT23 or SOT457 (SC-74).

Key features
- Reduced thermal and electrical resistance
- Up to 5 A collector current capability IC
- Up to 10 A peak collector current ICM
- High performance to boardspace ratio
- High current gain hFE - even at high IC
- Extensive range of products available

Key benefits
- Less heat generation and therefore use at
   high ambient temperatures possible
- Cost effective replacement of medium
   power transistors
- Increased performance from small-signal
   discrete footprints

Key applications
- Applications where heat is a concern
   (e.g. engine- or dashboard mounted
- High and low side switches, e.g. in control
- Drivers in low supply voltage applications,
   e.g. fans, motors
- Inductive load drivers, e.g. relays, buzzers
- MOSFET drivers


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