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The MPS Motor Protection System monitors voltage, current, and temperature to provide a comprehensive package of 22 protective functions. The MPS is a modular system with integrated protection, motor control, metering, and data-logging functions. This system is typically used to provide protection for three-phase low- and medium-voltage, mediumto high-horsepower induction motors.

Operator Interface (MPS-OPI)
◾ Large, bright, 4 x 20 vacuum-fluorescent display
◾ Display metered values
◾ Access set points
◾ Powered by Control Unit
◾ Panel mount or attach directly to Control Unit
◾ Remote mounting (1.2 km or 4000 ft maximum loop length)
◾ 1/2 DIN size
◾ Hazardous-location certified

Control Unit (MPS-CTU)
◾ Current inputs—5-A or 1-A secondary phase current transformers
◾ Voltage inputs—up to 600 V without PTs
◾ Earth-leakage input—5-A or 1-A secondary or sensitive transformer
◾ Tachometer (high-speed pulse) input
◾ 8 digital inputs, 5 relay outputs, 1 analog input and output
◾ 24-Vdc supply for OPI and RTD modules, and for digital inputs
◾ IRIG-B time-code input
◾ 1/2 DIN size, surface mount
◾ RS-485 network communications (Standard)
◾ DeviceNet™, Profibus®, or Ethernet communications available


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