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KLI-8023 image

The KLI−8023 Image Sensor is a multispectral, linear solid state image sensor for color scanning applications where ultra-high resolution is required.
The imager consists of three parallel linear photodiode arrays, each with 8,000 active photosites for the output of red, green, and blue (R, G, B) signals. This device offers high sensitivity, high data rates, low noise and negligible lag. Individual electronic exposure control for each color allows the KLI−8023 sensor to be used under a variety of illumination conditions. The imager can be operated in an Extended Dynamic Range mode for the most demanding applications.

• 12 Line Spacing between Color Channels
• Single Shift Register per Channel
• High Off-Band Spectral Rejection
• Dark Reference Pixels Provided
• Anti-Reflective Glass
• Wide Dynamic Range, Low Noise
• Dual Dynamic Range Mode Operation
• No Image Lag
• Electronic Exposure Control
• High Charge Transfer Efficiency
• Two-Phase Register Clocking
• 74 ACT Logic Compatible Clocks
• 6 MHz Maximum Data Rate

• Digitization
• Medical Imaging
• Photography


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