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EG2104 is a cost-effective MOS transistor and IGBT transistor gate driver chip with SD ̅̅̅̅ function. Internally integrated logic signal input management circuit, dead time control circuit, level shift circuit, pulse filter circuit and output drive circuit. Dedicated to drive circuits in brushless motor controllers and power supply DCDCs. The high-end working voltage of EG2104 can reach 600V, the low-end Vcc power supply voltage range is 2.8V~20V, and the static power consumption is less than 1uA. The core The chip input channel IN has a built-in 200K pull-down resistor, and SD ̅̅̅̅ has a built-in 200K pull-down resistor. When the input is floating, the upper and lower power MOS The tube is off, the output current capability is IO+/- 1/1.5A, and it is packaged in SOP8.

■ High-end suspension bootstrap power supply design, withstand voltage up to 600V
■ Adapt to 5V, 3.3V input voltage
■ The highest frequency supports 500KHZ
■ Low-side VCC voltage range 2.8V-20V
■ Output current capability IO+/- 1A/1.5A
■ Built-in dead zone control circuit
■ SD ̅̅̅̅ input channel active low, close HO, LO output
■ Fewer peripheral devices
■ Quiescent current is less than 1uA, ideal for battery applications
■ Package form: SOP-8

Application field
■ Mobile power high voltage fast charging switching power supply 
■ Wireless charging driver
■ Variable frequency water pump controller
■ DC-DC power supply
■ Brushless motor driver
■ High voltage Class-D amplifier


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