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Dual Variable-Reluctance Sensor Interface IC

The CS1124 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed primarily to condition signals used to monitor rotating parts.
The CS1124 is a dual channel device. Each channel interfaces to a Variable Reluctance Sensor, and monitors the signal produced when a metal object is moved past that sensor. An output is generated that is a comparison of the input voltage and the voltage produced at the INAdj lead. The resulting square–wave is available at the OUT pin.
When the DIAG pin is high, the reference voltage at INAdj is increased. This then requires a larger signal at the input to trip the comparator, and provides for a procedure to test for an open sensor.

• Dual Channel Capability
• Built–In Test Mode
• On–Chip Input Voltage Clamping
• Works from 5.0 V Supply
• Accurate Built–In Hysteresis


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