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General Description
The BD9xxN1-C series are linear regulators using the Nano CapTM topology (Note 1) designed as low current consumption products for power supplies in various automotive applications requiring a direct connection to the battery.
These products are designed for up to 45 V as an absolute maximum voltage and to operate until 150 mA for the output current with low current consumption 28 μA (Typ). These can regulate the output with a very high accuracy ±2.0 %.
The output capacitor 100 nF (Typ) or more can be used for this product series, and it can realize a brilliant transient characteristic even with small capacitance.
The output voltage line-up are 3.3 V, 5.0 V and Adjustable type by an external resistive divider. The output voltage can be adjusted between 1.0 V and 18 V by an external resistive divider connected to the ADJ pin.

◾ Nano CapTM Topology (Note 1)
◾ QuiCurTM Topology (Note 5)
◾ AEC-Q100 (Note 6)
◾ Automotive grade
◾ Over Current Protection (OCP)
◾ Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD)
◾ Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)

◾ Automotive (Power Train, Body ECU)
◾ Car Infotainment system, etc.


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