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General Description
The output voltage of the AMR3001 TMR angle sensor is proportional to the sine or cosine of the angle of a magnetic field applied parallel to the surface of the sensor, which can be provided by a small magnet positioned above the device. The AMR3001 includes two Wheatstone bridges, which can be configured to output sine and cosine functions respectively. Each bridge includes four TMR sensor elements in a push-pull arrangement to produce a best-in-class peak-to-peak signal as large as 0.75% of the supply voltage. Additionally, the unique TMR Wheatstone bridge technology accurately compensates the output against changes in ambient temperature. This sensor is assembled in an ultra small SOP8 package

Features and Benefits
■ Anisotropy of magnetoresistance (AMR) Technology
■ Compatible with Wide Range of Supply Voltages
■ Wide Airgap Tolerance
■ Excellent Thermal Stability
■ Very Low Hysteresis
■ Ultrasmall Package

■ Rotary Position Sensors
■ Rotary Encoders
■ Contactless Potentiometers
■ Valve Position Sensors
■ Knob Position Sensors


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