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• ICs having 2 outputs for microcomputer power supply (5V) and motor drive power supply (12, 15, 24, 36V) and being capable of delivering 2 regulated outputs from 1 rectifier.
• Good efficiency due to chopper type and no beat trouble due to fixed oscillation type oscillator common to 2 outputs.
• Independent overcurrent protectors for 2 outputs (Foldback characteristics).
• Output 2 (drive power supply) can be turned ON/OFF by external signal. Two outputs can be also turned ON/OFF simultaneously by an external circuit connected (Refer to Sample Application Circuit).
• High-precision setting of output voltage, elminating the need to use a variable resistor for adjustment.
• Input/output Gnd lines are united into one, facilatating combination with other nagative power supply.
• A negative voltage regulator (–5V, –12V, etc.) can be connected externally (Refer to Sample Application Circuit).
• Output voltage/output current are provided in series.

• Voltage regulator for printers, electronic typewriters, XY plotters.
• Voltage regulator for MSX personal computers, floppy disk drive, computer terminals, portable VTRs.


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