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The 7600 series, an enhanced family of CMOS 8-bit microcontrollers, offers high-speed operation at low voltage, large internal-memory options, and a wide variety of standard peripherals. The series is code compatible with the M38000, M37200, M37400, and the M37500 series, and provides many performance enhancements to the instruction set.

MCU Features
• 7600 8-bit CPU core, CMOS process
• Minimum instruction execution time of 83ns (1-cycle instruction @ Φ = 12 MHz)
• Efficient software support (C and/or Assembly)
• ROM: 32 KB on-chip
• RAM: 1 KB on-chip
• Built-in Microprocessor or Memory-expansion modes
• Three slow memory wait modes: Software Wait, RDY Wait, and Extended RDY Wait
• Nine I/O Ports, total 66 programmable I/O pins available
   • Programmable direction control on every I/O pin
   • Software selectable slew rate control on every I/O pin
• Master CPU Bus Interface:
   • MCU can be operated in slave mode by control signals from the host CPU
   • 8 data lines (DQ7-DQ0) and R(E), W(R/W), A0, S0, S1, IBF0, OBF0, IBF1, OBF1 signals available
   • Master CPU sends and receives data, command, and status by means of DQ7-DQ0
• USB Function Control Unit
• USB Transceiver (conforms to USB V1.0 Specification)
• DMA Controller:
   • Two DMA channels available
   • 16 address lines for 64K byte address space
   • Single byte or burst transfer modes
   • Transfer request by external pins, software triggers or built-in peripherals
   • Maximum 6M byte/sec transfer speed (in burst mode)
• Timers: three 8-bit timers and two 16-bit timers available
• Two full duplex UARTs available
• One master/slave clock synchronous I/O (SIO), internal or external clock selectable
• Built-in Special Count Source Generator (SCSG): can be a clock source for Timer X, UARTs, and SIO
• Power-saving wait (IDLE) and stop (powerdown) modes.


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