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C6086-32 image

X-Ray I.I. CCD Camera

The C6086-30 camera series is a newly developed, highly sensitive , X-ray image intensified CCD camera. This camera is specifically design for micro focus X-ray source applications, which typically require greater sensitive than standard X-ray sensitive CCD cameras.
By coupling a proximity focused image intensifier with tapered fiber optic plate (FOP) the C6086-30 series realizes excellent sensitivity while maintain high resolution and image quality.

• High spatial resolution
   43 µm (typical value, not guaranteed)
• Effective X-ray tube voltage range
   10 to 100kVp
• Proximity focused II
   Low image distortion.
• FOP coupled to the CCD
   High coupling efficiency
• Large effective area
   14.3 mm x 10.7 mm (EIA)
   P43 (GdO2S:Tb) scintillator
• High sensitivity
   14.0 mm x 10.5 mm (CCIR)


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