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Hamamatsu Photonics Hamamatsu
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Detects optical signals at 1 GHz, with high sensitivity

APD module C5658 is a highly sensitive photodetector consisting of a Si APD (avalanche photodiode), a bias power supply and a low-noise amplifier, all integrated into a compact case. The APD used has an effective active area of φ0.5 mm to allow efficient coupling to a light beam in applications such as spatial light transmission. The APD internally multiplies the photocurrent to produce an ample gain (set to 100 times for C5658) and also features high-speed response, achieving detection limits up to 1 GHz wideband and -48 dBm (16 nWr.m.s.) noise level in combination with the low-noise amplifier. C5658 also incorporates a thermosensor and a temperature-compensated bias power supply necessary for stable operation of the APD. Highly sensitive optical measurements can be made just by supplying +12 V to C5658.

● High-speed response and high sensitivity
● Flat frequency characteristics
● Compact and lightweight
● Single power supply operation

● Laser radar
● Spatial light transmission
● Optical rangefinder


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