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The ADSP-21469 SHARC® processor is a member of the SIMD SHARC family of DSPs that feature Analog Devices Super Harvard Architecture. The ADSP-21469 is source code compatible with the ADSP-2126x, ADSP-2136x, ADSP-2137x, and ADSP- 2116x DSPs as well as with first generation ADSP-2106x SHARC processors in SISD (single-instruction, single-data) mode. The ADSP-21469 is a 32-bit/40-bit floating point processors optimized for high performance audio applications with its large on-chip SRAM, multiple internal buses to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, and an innovative digital applications interface (DAI).

   Note: This datasheet is preliminary. This document contains
      material that is subject to change without notice.
   High performance 32-bit/40-bit floating point processor
      optimized for high performance audio processing
   Single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) computational
   On-chip memory—5 Mbits of on-chip RAM
   Code compatible with all other members of the SHARC family
   The ADSP-21469 is available with a 450 MHz core instruction
      rate with unique audiocentric peripherals such as the
      digital applications interface, serial ports, precision clock
      generators, S/PDIF transceiver, asynchronous sample rate
      converters, input data port, and more.
      For complete ordering information, see Ordering Guide on
      Page 56.


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