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The AD9516-11 provides a multi-output clock distribution function with subpicosecond jitter performance, along with an on-chip PLL and VCO. The on-chip VCO tunes from 2.30 GHz to 2.65 GHz. Optionally, an external VCO/VCXO of up to 2.4 GHz can be used.

   Low phase noise, phase-locked loop (PLL)
      On-chip VCO tunes from 2.30 GHz to 2.65 GHz
      External VCO/VCXO to 2.4 GHz optional
      1 differential or 2 single-ended reference inputs
      Reference monitoring capability
      Automatic revertive and manual reference
         switchover/holdover modes
      Accepts LVPECL, LVDS, or CMOS references to 250 MHz
      Programmable delays in path to PFD
      Digital or analog lock detect, selectable
   6 pairs of 1.6 GHz LVPECL outputs
      Each output pair shares a 1-to-32 divider with coarse
         phase delay
      Additive output jitter: 225 fs rms
      Channel-to-channel skew paired outputs of <10 ps
   4 pairs of 800 MHz LVDS clock outputs
      Each output pair shares two cascaded 1-to-32 dividers
         with coarse phase delay
      Additive output jitter: 275 fs rms
      Fine delay adjust (Δt) on each LVDS output
   Each LVDS output can be reconfigured as two 250 MHz
      CMOS outputs
   Automatic synchronization of all outputs on power-up
   Manual output synchronization available
   64-lead LFCSP

   Low jitter, low phase noise clock distribution
   10/40/100 Gb/sec networking line cards, including SONET,
   Synchronous Ethernet, OTU2/3/4
   Forward error correction (G.710)
   Clocking high speed ADCs, DACs, DDSs, DDCs, DUCs, MxFEs
   High performance wireless transceivers
   ATE and high performance instrumentation


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