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Analog Devices Provides Amplifiers for Every Application

Why are there so many different types of operational amplifiers (op amps)? Here at Analog Devices our engineers continue the pursuit of the illusive ideal op amp. And while we’re extremely close to its realization, unfortunately it still exists only in textbooks. That is why we are committed to offering such a broad portfolio of op amps to meet the many and varied needs of our customers.

Selecting an op amp is no trivial task: with so many different types of amplifiers, categories, architectures, and parameters to choose from, the process can be difficult. Each customer and application requires slightly different performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a coffee maker (yes, op amps can be found in coffee makers) or the next generation medical imaging system, Analog Devices has the right amplifier to meet your needs.

This document will help you quickly and easily identify the right op amp(s) for your application. Inside you’ll find a list of op amp terminology and processes used to fabricate the ICs, a variety of selection tables, application guides, design tools, and a handy detachable op amp reference wall chart. We hope you’ll refer to this selection guide often and that it provides you with a better understanding and appreciation of op amps and their many applications.


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