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The AD8364 is a true rms, responding, dual-channel RF power measurement subsystem for the precise measurement and control of signal power. The flexibility of the AD8364 allows communications systems, such as RF power amplifiers and radio transceiver AGC circuits, to be monitored and controlled with ease. Operating on a single 5 V supply, each channel is fully specified for operation up to 2.7 GHz over a dynamic range of 60 dB. The AD8364 provides accurately scaled, independent, rms outputs of both RF measurement channels. Difference output ports, which measure the difference between the two channels, are also available. The on-chip channel matching makes the rms channel difference outputs extremely stable with temperature and process variations.

   RMS measurement of high crest-factor signals
   Dual-channel and channel difference outputs ports
   Integrated accurately scaled temperature sensor
   Wide dynamic range ±1 dB over 60 dB
   ±0.5 dB temperature-stable linear-in-dB response
   Low log conformance ripple
   +5 V operation at 70 mA, –40°C to +85°C
   Small footprint, 5 mm x 5 mm, LFCSP

   Wireless infrastructure power amplifier linearization/control
   Antenna VSWR monitor
   Gain and power control and measurement
   Transmitter signal strength indication (TSSI)
   Dual-channel wireless infrastructure radios


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